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Mo Salhab MD, MS, PG Dip, FRCS 

Oncoplastic & Aesthetic Breast Surgeon

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​Breast Augmentation

  • What can I expect after surgery and the recovery period?

Following the procedure, you will have paper and waterproof dressing. You are expected to stay in the hospital for one night.  You should wear a supportive sports bra for 4-6 weeks until the healing process is completed. At the post-operative clinic visit (7-10 days after surgery) I will remove the paper dressing and assess your wounds. Your stitches will be dissolvable.  You will be seen in the clinic at four months after surgery to assess your final results, this visit is free of charge ​​


  • Will I see sales consultants or advisors before my surgery?


No, I don’t use this type of service. I see my patients personally and provide them with professional advice. The initial consultation will last between 30-40 minutes when you will have a full assessment. An initial consultation costs £140. You need to have further visits to the clinic before your operation to finalize planning of your surgery, the initial consultation fee covers this.


  • Is silicone safe?


Many studies have been conducted to establish whether silicone breast implants cause certain diseases. There is no evidence to suggest that silicone breast implants are associated with an increased incidence of breast cancer. There is also no evidence to suggest that these implants cause autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Textured surface implants are linked to rare cancer ( Breast implant-associated  Anaplastic large cell Lymphoma ) estimated at 1/14000 sold implants in the UK. 


  • Am I too old to have breast augmentation?

The short answer is no. Many women in their 40’s and 50’s have had  breast augmentation surgery with very good results 


  • Can I have surgery if planning to become pregnant?


It is usually recommended that pregnancy be postponed until 6 months after the surgery. Pregnancy will change the size and shape of a woman’s breasts whether she has implants or not. These changes may adversely affect the cosmetic appearance of an augmented breast. You should avoid having breast augmentation if you are breastfeeding.


  • Will breast augmentation work with droopy breasts?

Women with sagging breasts can also have breast implants. Depending on how much the breast sags, additional surgery may also be necessary such as breast uplift or mastopexy.  Mastopexy can be performed at the same time as breast augmentation.

  • When can I return to work?


This depends on the type of work you do. You are likely to feel some discomfort for the first few weeks and you should avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous activity for about 4-6 weeks.


  • Can I exercise after breast augmentation?


It is recommended that patients begin walking immediately after surgery. However, women should not perform any intense physical exercise for six weeks following the operation. Physical exercise including weight lifting, biking, jogging, and other forms of intense activities may cause implants to shift position or cause wound healing problems that may alter the appearance of the breasts after



  • When can I drive?

Usually, you can drive after 1- 2 weeks depending on your discomfort. I would recommend that driving begins after you no longer have pain and you feel confident that you can perform an emergency stop without discomfort.  


  • When can I fly?


You can take a domestic fly within 48-72 hours after your operation. International flights are best avoided for 3 weeks after the operation to reduce the  risk of developing  deep venous thrombosis ( leg veins clots) 


  • What breast size will I be?


It is unrealistic to give exact breast size after augmentation. As a general rule, every 125-150cc of
implant volume equals an increase in single cup size. However, every patient’s body is different.


  • Can I still breastfeed after breast augmentation?


Yes. Subglandular and submuscular implant placement do not affect the ability of the breast to produce milk. 

  • Is breastfeeding safe after augmentation?


Yes. Studies have shown that babies that are breast-fed by mothers who had breast implants are not at increased risk of any disease.


  • Will the implants affect cancer detection in later years?


Studies have found that cancer detection by self-examination is not delayed by having the implant behind the breast tissue. Breast implants can obscure part of the breast tissue when having a mammogram. However, special views during mammography are used to examine more of the breast tissue.