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Mo Salhab MD, MS, PG Dip, FRCS 

Oncoplastic & Aesthetic Breast Surgeon

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Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the breasts for medical and/or aesthetic reasons. Large breasts in many women can cause different problems. They can cause difficulty in finding appropriate clothes that fit correctly. Some women may feel embarrassed as their breast size is disproportionately large to their body frame.  Large and heavy breasts can cause medical problems such as back pain, neck pain, and skin irritation. Breast reduction surgery can correct many of these problems by removing excess fat, skin, and breast tissue.

The aim of breast reduction is to provide women with smaller, better-shaped breasts that are more in proportion with the rest of their bodies.

What happens before the operation? 

Ar your first consultation for breast reduction you will first have a full clinical assessment consisting of detailed medical history and clinical examination. I will ask questions about reasons for requesting breast reduction, the desired breast size in addition to previous medical history, smoking history and family history. I will listen to your views and assess your expectations. 

You will have a detailed clinical examination of both breasts and the chest wall to ensure that your breasts have no abnormality such as lumps or asymmetry prior to the surgery. You may be required to have a mammogram performed to assess the breast tissue prior to surgery.  Measurements of both breasts will be taken to help plan the best surgical approach that suits you. Following the examination, I will discuss with you your requirements and goals. A particular bra size may not be guaranteed as the bra cup size differs depending on the size and shape of the chest/trunk.

The suitable surgical technique will be discussed in detail along with risks, potential complications and what to expect after surgery.

It is essential to understand that some expectations may not be safely achievable by surgery, an honest and professional opinion will be provided in such circumstances.